Eye Candy Road Show: Dilem
Dilem glasses for men

Monthly Eye Candy Road Show: Dilem Edition

July 9th, 2019 - July 13th, 2019

Switch up your look—literally!—with Dilem Lunettes’ interchangeable temples! Next week is the second monthly Eye Candy Road Show, where the entire collection will be visiting our boutique at East Towne Square, only through Saturday, July 13th!! Dilem, from the word dilemma, answers the age old conundrum of finding glasses that go with everything. Each frame comes with an additional pair of temples of your choosing, allowing you to personalize it to suit your whims and wardrobe needs. With over 900 temple designs, Dilem is the easiest system of interchangeable temples available. Eye Candy opticians also love them for their supreme comfort and lightness. Dilem offers eyewear styles for all: unisex, men's, women's, and kids'. As an added bonus, enjoy 20% OFF Dilem frames during this Mequon event!

Designs that are totally on trend, partnership with young designers, use of innovative printing techniques, Dilem takes very special care over the design of its temples. Because they are genuine fashion accessories, quality accessories that you will love wearing, and in changing according to your mood. Contemporary models, trendy shapes, slender lines, lightness, combinations of materials, color expertise: not just a concept of interchangeability, Dilem is also highly demanding in its frame design. Eyewear designer, personality revealer, Dilem offers contemporary women's, men's, and children's frames that you put together yourself. Reflecting YOUR style and spirit, they reveal your personality.

Dilem is style, attitude and a way of life. Dilem is freedom! This unconventional concept makes it possible to change your appearance to suit your mood.

Women wearing Dilem eyewear

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