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When you want to look your best in high quality eyeglasses, Eye Candy in Delafield, WI has an array of designer eyewear frames for...
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Dilem Eyewear

Dilem Eyewear for Men and Women

Born in France, Dilem is deeply rooted in the world of contemporary fashion with a passion for creative designs, innovative temple patterns and striking colors like blackcurrant, peacock blue and curacao. Whether for women or men, Dilem eyewear always reflects the most cutting edge fashion trends.

Dilem employs a patented system of frames which enable the use of interchangeable temples. These hand-polished interchangeable temples are crafted from XP2 (a hard-wearing, ultra-resistant engineered polymer). The flexibility to change temple styles allows you to transform your style or mood in a “snap.” With Dilem you can continuously revolutionize your personal expression. Plus, when you purchase a Dilem frame you get 2 (that’s right, two!) pairs of interchangeable temples just to get you started!

Dilem is revered as a top-of-the-line collection of designer eyewear. Dilem is sold to exclusive distributors around the world, including Greece, South Africa, Italy, New Zealand and Australia.

Stop into Eye Candy today to shop our stunning collection of Dilem eyewear or check out some of our other cutting-edge designer eyewear from around the world.